Read Aloud


Established in 1998 by members in the branch’s Literature Study Group, our Read Aloud Program offers the opportunity to share your love of books with the students at Osceola Elementary School.

For the teachers, Read Aloud provides an additional resource to expand the reading horizons of their students. Working closely with teachers who request a reader, the Read Aloud Program provides not only an alternate reading voice, but also a caring adult who will share suitable life experiences with the children. If a teacher requests additional help such as working one-on-one with struggling students, the Read Aloud Program can supply willing volunteers.

Our Read Aloud Program not only enriches the classroom experience for elementary students in St. Augustine, it likewise enriches the lives of the volunteer readers as they reinforce reading skills in these young children.

To join the Read Aloud Program, please call Judy Crane at 471-3262. The children are waiting for you to read to them.