Tech Trek Florida



IMPORTANT News About the Tech Trek 2022 STEM Camps

The 2022 Tech Trek Camps will again be virtual ones held from June 19th to June 24th.  With COVID’s future  so uncertain we felt we needed to return to the virtual format for camp for the safety of our campers and staff.  Last summer we were able to provide campers with some great virtual experiences. Be sure to watch this  video showing some of the activities and projects from the 2021 camp.

We plan to offer many of the same core courses and workshops in 2022.

Girls who were nominated by one of their teachers will be emailed applications that must be completed and returned by the date on the application. The applications will be emailed to parents the week of January 17th.

After the girls have been invited to attend one of the camps they will rank their choices of core classes from 1 to 4. Information about the core classes, the afternoon workshops and other STEM activities will be announced as soon as the camp programs and other activities are scheduled.

The only cost to campers is a $50 registration fee.  All supplies, teacher stipends and other expenses are covered by donations to the AAUW FL Supporting Foundation, Inc. and a grant from Stetson University.